Royce Bair

Royce Bair has been a professional illustrative photographer since 1973. Images from the Nightwork Gallery are an example of how he "draws with light" to illustrate his subjects -- a technique that was virtually unheard of in 1981. His clients have included National Geographic, IBM, General Motors, AT&T and Reader's Digest. Royce has been an international lecturer on photography since 1982. Royce established The Stock Solution photo agency ( in 1978, which continues to represent over 200 photographers worldwide. In 1998, Royce started to help photographers find a new way to print their images in the emerging digital world. Bair Art Editions was established in 2001 to provide fine art (giclee) printing services. One of Royce's hobbies, the collecting of vintage illustrations and photographs, has also become a business - and - where he and his wife, Linda, have passionately worked to digitally restore these old images to their original beauty.